About Diamond Peak Homes


Who We Are

Home Starts Here.

At Diamond Peak, we know that a handful of walls doesn’t make a home. What makes a home is the stories you tell and the memories you make within these walls.

And this is where it all starts. The journey to building your forever home to write your own stories in.

Whether it’s holiday dinners at the table with family, learning to make your grandmother’s biscuits in the kitchen, or watching your children take their first steps down the hallway, these are the feel-good stories that will write themselves within the place you call home.

We believe in home like we believe in family, and family is the center of everything we do. This is what helps us stay focused on constructing high-quality houses that we ourselves would be proud to live in.

Our team leads with kindness as they guide you through the custom home building process. From older minds with the knowledge and experience it takes to know what works, to younger minds who offer new perspectives and fresh ideas, this combination of old and new is what helps us to become lead innovators in the construction industry.

From start to finish, we want to help you write the best possible story we can.

Home is our favorite place to be, and we can’t wait to build you a home that’s your favorite place to be, too.

Our Story

At 8 years old, Scott Crook was paving the way for his future – even if he didn’t know it yet. During the summer months, Scott would help his uncle cleaning up homes and doing odd jobs to fill his days. By the age of 14, he was helping his father by working on masonry jobs and laboring for masons. Once he finished college, he came back home to work for his uncle as a carpenter building new homes. A few years later, when Scott’s father asked if he wanted to pursue the opportunity of building new homes himself, Scott couldn’t say no.

Scott just doesn’t work in the construction industry – it’s who he is. Since a young age, the industry has been a part of him, and it quickly became his passion. Anyone who knows Scott can clearly tell he is doing what he loves to do.

In 2015, Diamond Peak Homes was born. Scott took his drive, dedication, determination, industry knowledge, and business mindset to create one of the leading new home construction companies in Northwest Indiana. His experience from the industry and passion to grow a company that he loves has radiated throughout each home that has been built. Every plan has been curated carefully to ensure the absolute best home possible.

When you see a Diamond Peak home, you don’t see some house that was just thrown together. You see articulate architecture, unique designs, and thoughtful floor plans that aren’t common in Northwest Indiana. You see homes with a connection to the mountains of Colorado.

On a trip out west, Scott fell in love with the mountains and knew this style of architecture was one he was committed to building. Each home is carefully crafted with the mountains in mind, which is why every floor plan is named after a mountain. Even the company name is modeled in the same way – Peak for the relation to the mountains, and Diamond for quality as in quality home.

Diamond Peak Homes is known for building beautiful, custom homes throughout Northwest Indiana, but we wanted to take that further and build a product that is high-end but more affordable. Today, that vision remains the same. We seek to build high-quality homes that you can still truly customize to make your own, but at a more affordable price. We don’t cut corners; we just find ways to make the best even better.

At Diamond Peak Homes, we are family building for family. When you build with us, you’re not just getting a house – you’re getting a home. We strive to make every building process as smooth and seamless as possible with our customers’ needs at the forefront of our minds. You will get kindness, understanding, and quality at every stage of the homebuilding process, every time.

Home Starts Here.

Why Build with Diamond Peak Homes?

Experienced Trade Partners

Because we are a locally owned and operated company, we value our reputation. We only team up with high-performance companies that will uphold our devotion to quality. Each partner we choose has demonstrated the ability and willingness to maintain our high standards while constructing your new home.

Products that Perform

We pair our quality craftsmanship with quality products and 2x6 construction. This combination produces a quality home.  Every product that goes into your home exceeds today’s structural and energy codes.


Diamond Peak Homes provides a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. As always, we stand by our products.

Energy-Efficient Products

Diamond Peak Homes is an energy-efficient builder. We take all steps to certify that your home is properly insulated and surpasses today's highest energy code. All of our homes will provide you and your family with the utmost level of comfort and savings.

Professional & Quality Service

Our team takes pride in every home we build. We believe that while customer satisfaction is certainly important during construction, it should extend to any interactions and continue well after our customers have moved in. We make it a point to reach out to Diamond Peak homeowners to ensure that the homes we build are meeting the high standards we promised.