Interior Designer

Reports to: C.E.O / Selections and Design Manager

Objective: To continually identify design trends while providing a supportive customer experience throughout the design selections process.


  1. Work with clients in selecting interior and exterior materials and colors
  2. Design comprehensive layouts and diagrams for Projects Mangers to properly deliver in the field
  3. Be responsible for all selection and design documents
  4. Has capability to troubleshoot problems on site and make corrective recommendations to move a project forward
  5. Regular coordination with project managers and construction teams ensuring adequately flowing information
  6. Lead in design recommendations and meetings
  7. Have the ability to create detailed drawings with the understanding of how to carry it out in the field
  8. Ensure working at a maximum quality and efficiency for assigned tasks and deliverables
  9. Demonstrates a high degree of time management skills and constantly seeks to streamline processes and procedures to increase quality and efficiency
  10. Confident in communicating both verbally and in writing
  11. Has a well developed eye for scale and balance, designing elements to ‘fit’ the space for maximum impact
  12. Follow trends In architecture and interior design to continually keep DPH on the forefront


  1. Minimum work week to consist of Monday-Friday.
    1. Normal hours 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  2. Be tentative via phone on vacation in case of an emergency.
  3. Attend weekly meetings as needed.  If a meeting cannot be made a 24-hour notice will be needed.
  4. Have keen computer skills in Excel, Word, PDF
  5. Proficiency in relevant design software including Revit ArchiCAD, Design 2020, Adobe Photoshop
  6. Have a degree in architecture, interior design, interior architecture, or related fields
  7. Motivation and eagerness to implement and maintain processes for a growing business
  8. Have thorough knowledge of the construction industry and mechanical systems of homes

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