Reports to: Selections Manager & Vice President of Selections & Purchasing
Objective: Oversee the architectural and structural design aspects of the home during the design and selections process. Strive for zero-defect construction documents while continuing to keep Diamond Peak on the forefront of architectural design trends.

1. Design new plans for new models and continue to update our older models and plans.
2. Work with Production to keep our plans up to local and state building codes.
3. Work with Purchasing to keep our plans value engineering, offering a quality home for the most affordable price.
4. Oversee production start packages of each home.
5. Work with selections & the client to create lot specific plans and even custom design options initiated by the client.
6. Work with custom clients to create a whole detailed plan set.
7. Communicate any substantial plan changes to purchasing and production.
8. Lot specific plans to detail out trim details, flooring details and finish selection details thoroughly for the field to carry out.
9. Solicit trade contractor input to enhance value engineering of all floor plans and construction drawings.
10. Create floor plan templates and examples for clients and sales brochures.
11. Assist in construction bidding questions and work with Purchasing to obtain bids in a quick and orderly fashion.
12. Assist with Scopes of Work review.
13. Conduct field walkthroughs with the team and/or clients when needed.
14. Assume full responsibility of all Diamond Peak plan sets.
15. Continually increase our finish options and continue to create detailed drawings and pamphlets.
16. Design final construction color scheme layouts with our in-house selections team.

1. Minimum work week to consist of 45 hours – 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Normal Weekdays
2. Be tentative via phone on vacation in case of an emergency.
3. Attend weekly meetings as needed. If a meeting cannot be made a 24-hour notice will be needed.
4. Have keen computer skills in programs directly related to Architecture & Design – CAD experience is a must
5. Motivation and eagerness to implement and maintain processes for a growing business
6. Understanding of current market trends
7. General knowledge of the residential construction industry is a plus
8. Strong communication skills
9. Team player with a positive attitude
10. Rendering experience is a plus

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